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Who is Sylvester McCoy?

Updated October 5, 2004

Picture of Sylvester McCoy.Sylvester McCoy is a British actor most known for his role as the Doctor in Doctor Who, a British Science Fiction series. However, he has acted in many different forums. Below and to the side you can find links to each of the forums for which there are pages. Each of these pages links to specific roles and includes images, sounds, availability, synopses, and reviews. This list is far from complete, but I'm working on it whenever I have a chance. A date follows each to indicate the last time that particular page was updated. Let me know if you have a performance you want me to focus on next.

The Roles of Sylvester McCoy

Links to More Sites

Here are some Sylvester McCoy links that I have found online. If you have a fine Sylvester McCoy page and want a link, send me an email and I'll hook you up when I update my pictures and wavs. Some of my favorite Sylv-related pages to visit are as follows: