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Doctor Who

Updated October 5, 2004

SERIES SYNOPSIS Since November 23, 1963, Doctor Who has been entertaining millions of television viewers. This British television series has had 7 actors play the title role on BBC TV, one actor in two theatrical movies, and another actor take up the reigns in a made-for-TV movie. And soon there will be a new series on television with Christopher Eccleston playing the Doctor.

Sylvester McCoy played the 7th televised version of the Doctor, even segueing into number 8 during the made-for-TV movie. His companions were Melanie Bush (Bonnie Langford), a computer programmer who'd been with the 6th Doctor (Colin Baker) first, and Ace (Sophie Aldred), a teenaged rebel. Although he only had 12 stories (42 episodes), McCoy was able to bring back some of the mystery of the Doctor, a time traveler from another planet.

SERIES REVIEW I honestly would have no idea who Sylvester McCoy was had I not been a Doctor Who fan and seen his era. About the time of Remembrance of the Daleks I had decided I liked his Doctor a lot. And by Ghost Light had decided he was my favorite Doctor. So I'm a bit biased in my opinion of the McCoy years. (Consider that four of his stories are in my top five favorite Doctor Who stories.) And I was distraught by his "death" in the TV movie, "The Enemy Within". (I will concede that his replacement was also mighty fine.)

SERIES PRODUCTION INFO Produced by BBC Television from 1963-1989 and again in 1996, with a collaboration with Fox. (McCoy years 1987-1989, 1996.)

SERIES AVAILABILITY All of the McCoy stories are currently available on video. See individual pages for more information.


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