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As you can tell, I am not the original creator of the website, I am not Tina Short.

My name is Bernie (aka Sci) and I'm a fan of Sylvester McCoy. I found this original fansite many years ago, around 2011/2012. This was when I first started watching Doctor Who, Classic Who included. This fansite has long since been taken down, and is only accessible through the Wayback Machine. Since it's a bit of a pain, I decided to port it here, and continue on its (very tiny) legacy.

I have a wee bit of an experience bringing old websites back to life, however not to this type of scale (see my revival of a website dedicated to document Jacqueline Hill's work, but a lot of that info has made its way into A Future in Five Minutes, save for some pictures that have been lost to time *cries*).

After I finish the porting, expect some new updates and news regarding Sylvester McCoy.

There was also an old forum called SMAS (standing for Sylvester McCoy Appreciation Society). This website and the forum go hand in hand, the webmaster here frequented the forums. I have also attempt to revive the forum as a Discord server. Not the most private way. You can find an invite to it below.

Any questions and suggestions can be made by leaving a message in this websites profile, or on the Discord server.

This is for Sylvester himself, for Tina (trinalin) and for all the folks at SMAS: Waltmouse, LillyRose (love her fics), TehPhlege1982 (she got me down this rabbit hole so props to you!), Seventh Doctor Fan, the_seventh_l, wiccagirl24, and a whole lot more.

BTW, right now it's not possible to show the audio clips, so have some videos instead.

The discord server below
SMAS revival server

We have a button too!
Sylvester website button