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Movie/Video Roles

Updated May 9, 2002.

Sylvester McCoy is not a big name in the movie biz, but he's been in his fare share of flicks and vids. By movie, I mean a production that originally aired in movie theatres. By video, I mean a direct to video production. So productions such as Beyond Fear, which was a made-for-TV-movie, I'll include on the television page.

For images, sounds, synopses, reviews, and video availability for specific performances, check out the links below.

The date after each entry indicates when the page was last updated.

Dracula Walter the Butler June 5, 2001
Secret Policeman's Ball Sylveste McCoy, Human Bomb June 4, 2000
Three Kinds of Heat Harry Pimm June 5, 2001
The Thrill Kill Video Club an auditioner
The Airzone Solution Antony Stanwick
The Zero Imperative Dr. Colin Dove
Leapin' Leprechauns Flynn June 4, 2000
Spellbreaker, Secret of the Leprechauns Flynn June 4, 2000
I Was a Doctor Who Monster himself
Bidding Adieu himself
The Mumbo Jumbo Mr Tallman May 9, 2002