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Updated June 5, 2001.

SYNOPSIS Dr. Seward's family run Insane Asylum has a new neighbor. Yes, it's that wacky Transylvanian, Count Dracula. Once the Count joins in Seward's circle of friends, however, chaos ensues. Mina, the daughter's best friend, is drained of blood, and Lucy, Seward's daughter, is smitten with the Count, despite the prescence of her fiance. But no matter, Van Helsing is on his way to save the day! Hooray!

This is yet another retelling of the classic story of Dracula. Made in 1979, it stars Frank Langella as Dracula, Sir Lawrence Olivier as Van Helsing, Donald Pleasance as Dr. Seward, and Kate Nelligan as Lucy. And, in a bit part worthy of Sylvester McCoy is, um, Sylvester McCoy, playing the part of Walter, a butler. (Despite my best attempts at enlivening the plot, the movie is a bit of a downer.)

REVIEW Not being a great fan of vampire films, especially the Dracula ones, I watched this one solely for the eye candy (vis Sylv and Frank Langella). I do like it better than the Gary Oldman Dracula -- there are no buckets of blood being thrown about in this one. But it's not a movie I actively seek out. As you can see below, Sylv's speaking part was rather limited (yes, those are ALL of his lines from the movie) and for much of the movie you can see him as the camera pans. (I'll probably get this movie on DVD just so I can go to the Sylv scenes much easier.) You'd really have to ask someone who enjoys vampire films if this movie is good or not. I'm afraid I just don't enjoy 'em enough to be a good judge.

PRODUCTION INFO Produced by MCA/Universal Pictures in 1979.

AVAILABILITY Currently available (NTSC only).

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Regular Compressed "Count Dracula."
Regular Compressed Horse whinnies. "I can't hold him!"
Regular Compressed "Oh Miss Lucy! Miss Lucy!"
Regular Compressed "I've gotta have the key! The key!"
Walter announces Count Dracula. Sylvester McCoy and Sir Laurence Olivier. Olivier hogs the screen. Walter at the Cemetary. Nervous in the Asylum. Fancy a cuppa? Something strange going on right here...