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Television Performances

Updated January 18, 2004.

Sylvester McCoy's start into show business was in stage work. However, he soon moved to television starring in several children's shows such as Vision On and TISWAS. Perhaps his most famous television appearance was as the Seventh Doctor in Doctor Who. This is why I've made a separate page just for his Doctor Who appearances.

For images, sounds, synopses, reviews, and video availability for specific performances, check out the links below.

The date after each entry indicates when the page was last updated.

Vision On unknown, presenter?
Big Jim and the Figaro Club Turps
TISWAS Sylveste, the Real McCoy January 18, 2004
Eureka various roles
Jigsaw O-Man Not a Pagefillers site
The Last Place on Earth Lt. "Birdie" Bowers January 18, 2004
Doctor Who The Seventh Doctor July 27, 2001
Ghoul Lashed The Butler Crud January 18, 2004
Beyond Fear Michael Sams January 18, 2004
Tom Jones Mr. Dowling
Space Cadets Himself
See It Saw It The Lord High Chamberlain/Aunt Grizelda January 18, 2004
Trek Masters Himself